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The Church has a number of different committees that are open to all members. Below are summaries of the committees as well as the members of each committee.


Christian Education


  • Stephanie Mowery, Interim Children's Programs Director
  • Elder, Jill Marshall
  • Elder, Joyce Campbell
  • Kristen Bernazzani
  • Ginny Fennessy
  • Helen Glowacki
  • Atsje Biver
  • Marna Plank
  • Stephanie Rudnick
  • Craig Lindsey, ex-officio

Description: This committee plans and reviews the Christian Education Program, consisting of Church School, youth and family fellowship, educational activities, and mission trips. The CE committee works with the Director of Christian Education to ensure educational programs meet the needs of the congregation.

The Christian Education Committee meets as needed. We invite all those that are interested in the Christian Education Program to join us. Come for a meeting, see what we are all about.

Christian Education also arranges speakers for the monthly adult forums. One of our regular favorite speakers is Larry Weiss. You may visit his website at [1].



  • Elder, Dick Poppa, Chairperson
  • Elder, Jon Soderberg
  • Elder, Don Cross
  • Elder, Peer Soderberg

Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Craig Lindsey and Treasurer Peggy Surdam serve as staff

Description: This committee reviews and approves all expenditures and investments and works with the Treasurer. Meetings are held as needed. The Entire Session (Over 21 Years of Age) serve as the Trustees of the Church. Since 1999 the Church has had an Annual Internal Audit. In 2013 the Investments were stratified based on Donor and Trustee intent. In 2013 all Financial Records were converted to a double entry accounting system with monthly P&L Statements and integrated Financial Reports.

Membership and Outreach


  • Joan Tarolli
  • Ann Fey
  • Marna Plank
  • Carol Gassler
  • Ruth Anderson
  • Judy Lindsey
  • Mary Phillips
  • Rev. Dr. Craig Lindsey


  • The Membership and Outreach Committee have been creating a new Photo Directory for the congregation.

The Membership and Outreach committee plans and reviews the fellowship and evangelism activities, including coffee hour. Meeting are held monthly.

Memorial Gifts and Stewardship


  • Elder, Andy Biss
  • Elder, Tim Green

Rev. Dr. Craig Lindsey


The committee plans all stewardship fund raising and reviews memorial gifts. Meetings are seasonal (Fall) In 2013 a Wills & Estates Pledge was created to encourage bequests.



  • Elder, Barbara Connor
  • Elder, John Dau

Jan Sterling Judy Krieger Joan Tarolli

Description: The Mission Committee recommends to Session the Church's leadership in mission. The meetings are regular, concerned with coordinating Presbyterian Manor, Skaneateles Food Pantry, The John Dau Foundation, and support of PCUSA Missions locally, Presbytery wide, Synod-wide and Internationally. Also, the Committee coordinates response to Emergency Crises.



  • Elder, Dick Poppa, Chairperson

Committee Elected by the Congregation

Description: Committee membership is elected by the congregation, plus two Session members. Meetings are seasonal (Fall).



  • Elder, Peer Soderberg, Chairperson

Committee comprised of all members of the Session and Chaired by an Elder

Description: The Personnel Committee reviews all staff performance and relations. The meetings are at least quarterly. The Pastor is both Spiritual Leader and Head of Staff.



  • Elder, Don Cross

Description: The property committee plans and reviews building maintenance and repairs. They also interface with the custodian. The meetings are as needed.



  • Elder, Larry Weiss
  • Elder, Steve White
  • Elder, Andy Biss
  • Elder, John Dau

Description: The committee plans and reviews various aspects of Worship at First Pres Skan. to coordinate with the planning and worship leadership of the Pastor.

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