Illnesses Treated With Marijuana

Many people with chronic illnesses suffer from serious problems either due to their illnesses, or due to the treatments of their illnesses.  For instance, people who are suffering from cancer generally have to undergo chemotherapy, which has a large number of side effects that are very difficult for many people to deal with.  People with AIDS also tend to suffer from anorexia due to the fact that their illness makes them unwilling to eat.  Some people suffering from either of these illnesses have found marijuana to be beneficial to them when it comes to dealing with everything that they have to deal with in their everyday lives.

CINV, or chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting, is something that many cancer patients have to deal with on a regular basis.  It can get so bad for many of them that they are really unable to function on a day by day basis.  However, studies have shown, and patients have attested, that smoking marijuana on a daily basis can help them to relieve the nausea effects that come with their chemotherapy.  For these people, the use of medical marijuana is something that helps them to go about their lives regularly without all of the difficulties that they had in the past.  There still needs to be more research done on what other negative effects there could be from prolonged marijuana use in cancer patients, but so far there has been nothing that has been conclusive in regards to the long term negative effects.

There is also very little evidence regarding the safety or the effectiveness of marijuana use in HIV and AIDS patients.  There is simply no long term data and not a big enough sample size to determine whether or not marijuana is a good choice as a drug to help HIV and AIDS patients.  Due to the political implications of medical marijuana use and any study having to do with it, there is also an issue of bias within the medical research that simply can’t be avoided.  This is unfortunate considering that there are a decent number of AIDS and HIV patients who have reported that it has helped them to increase their appetites, which is something that is very important for people suffering from those diseases.

One of the major things that medical marijuana is used for is the treatment of pain.  However, while many people have reported that it has been highly beneficial in helping them to deal with certain pain problems on a short term basis, there is very little evidence to indicate that it also will provide benefits for those who suffer from long term pain.  Are the benefits greater than the risks?  The jury is still out on that, but it is currently used by patients with chronic pain in the states where its prescription use has been legalized.  This is because many doctors have come to the conclusion that it at least appears to be safer than long term opioid use.  There is still further study necessary in order to determine whether or not this is exactly the case; however, it is pretty apparent that marijuana does not quite have the same rate of addiction and overdose as many opioids do.

Whatever you might happen to be suffering from, it is possible that marijuana could help you to deal with the symptoms on a daily basis so that you are able to go on with your life.  However, you need to try and figure out whether or not the benefits will outweigh the negative effects, and consulting your doctor is the only way to do that.

Marijuana for Terminal Illness Treatment

A terminal illness is one that does not have a cure. Those who are affected by a terminal illness are usually affected by multiple symptoms and consequences of that disease. This includes physical pain and suffering, as well as mental pain and suffering. Although there are several different medications that can treat the symptoms of a terminal illness, many people do not like them, or cannot take them for one reason or another. Medical marijuana is there for those people. Medical marijuana for terminal illness treatment works wonderfully, and the fact that you can get mail order weed is even better. It is so simple to buy marijuana and the results and the relief is found almost immediately.

Types of Terminal Illnesses

There are many different types of terminal illnesses. Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Crohn’s disease, and kidney disease are a few of the ailments that medical marijuana can treat and is approved for treatment of. These conditions oftentimes bring with them a slew of symptoms and side effects that affects the quality of life of the patient. With medical marijuana in use, the overall well-being of the individual is improved, the pain is minimized or eliminated completely, and they feel much better than they would when using prescription medications and other treatments.

A Risky Treatment

There are so many risks that come with these treatments and, for some people, the side effects they bring are just unbearable. Most people do not want to feel sluggish, tired and run down all the time, but this is exactly what happens when they use medications. Medical marijuana is usually side effect free for the user and provides results that occur almost immediately. You can control the amount of the prescription that is used and even the strength that is purchased so you never ‘overdo’ things.

Look at the Marijuana Options

If you are going to purchase mail order weed, be sure to sort through the various strains before making a purchase. Some strains are better than others at treating certain conditions. Obviously you want to choose a strain that is going to provide the fastest, most effective relief for the conditions that are bothering you. Experimenting with the different strains is always fun, but you are sure to have those that you prefer over the rest before long. Everyone does and that is okay.

Dealing with a Terminal Illness

Terminal illness is never easy to deal with but medical marijuana can ensure there is a bright of day. Patients who use marijuana feel better, enjoy their life more, and enjoy less pain and aggravations in the day. You can be the next person to enjoy this awesome array of benefits when you apply for your red card and get an approval today. Medical marijuana has helped so many people and it can help you, too. If you are ready to change your life it is time to look at the benefits that marijuana can offer to you.